The June Dress

Hi guys! This is my June Dress!! Also other exciting news… be on the lookout for new designs in the next two weeks!!!! But that’s all I’m gonna say for now 😉


XOX Celeste

Here’s the video time lapse down below:

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The May Dress

I’m actually going through a very busy time full of final projects but I was able to scrap together a sweet little dress of left over fabrics from said projects in a couple hours for this dress. XOX Celeste.

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Hey guys, I’m actually actively trying to write again on here and I know I said it before but here’s me actually doing it! (I’m totally not avoiding making a presentation due in two days…) So hello!

The title gives away what this post will be about. So, I’m going to be talking about my bliss and how I found it.

Joseph Campbell, an author famous for promoting the idea of the hero’s journey in literature once said this: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

For me, bliss is the same as whatever you’re passionate about. I am lucky that I have found it so early in life. It isn’t easy to find something that can keep you enraptured and captivated for life.

But bliss isn’t just about what makes you happy (its not selfish thing), being intoxicated or doing things or being addicted to things that give you the illusion of happiness is not the same. Its something that you will find yourself always coming back to. It is something that you can do for hours and feel like it had been an exciting five minutes.

Following your bliss, is adding a vitality and meaning to your life that you would not have normally have found doing something you feel you should do, for example, choosing a job for its potential income or choosing a job because you care what other people think or want of you.

I found my bliss unknowingly the very first time I was in my grandmother’s sewing room. I had not realized at that moment at 8 years old that I would start cultivating a life long love of design and fashion. As the years went on, I never truly believed I would ever truly be able to work in the fashion industry – it seemed too risky – but I still dreamed of it. Fast forward to senior year and I had started to doubt whether or not I should pursue it as my parents wanted me to be a teacher (nothing wrong with that but I wasn’t super enthusiastic about it). I was so indecisive, there was a hesitance to my college applications, a hesitation to that commitment to something I didn’t really want.

So, I’m to take classes at community college but I decide to start my monthly dress series right before classes start and that spark to design is reignited but is still hesitant. I was still unsure of what I wanted for my life and I decide for the winter- why not? – to take one of the college’s fashion design courses and I knew then that the only thing I wanted to do with my life was design, to create and to beautify. I had never known a happiness and a love for something so great until it finally clicked in my heart and in my head that this was my passion, my talent, my path. It was an amazing feeling in the moment. I continue my monthly dresses and now I’m hustling because I’m taking on two more design classes each taking up 15 hours of my week on top of two other general ed. classes and now I’m super stressed, always sewing, always thinking about what I have to do next. I’ll transfer to the fashion school I had been thinking about forever in October.But I will say that I have never been so happy to feel so frustrated and tired and overworked.

This is my bliss and I’m going after it.

The April Dress

This is like four days late….

I am overly stressed out from sewing practically every other day on top of going to class, so much so that I have only enough time to dedicate it to my family and boyfriend. But, I’m honestly having the time of my life. I have always described my biggest character flaw using the biblical term sloth. I am really lazy and I think this is my time to work on outgrowing it. The constant deadlines and expectations push my skill as a designer and inspire my creativity, I have to be better and work harder. I find that the more pressure I am under, the better I work and the less I complain. I have higher energy despite sleeping less and less.

There were times where I was too tired to even think about working on the monthly dress throughout the 7-8 months I’ve been working on it. But I knew that I made a commitment to it by posting the first dress. But it’s hard, its easy to want to just stop and give up, but at the same time it’s equally as easy to keep going when everyone who sees your work and sees your progress, keeps you accountable despite not even saying anything.

For my April Dress, I really wasn’t sure what to make but it got into my head that I should do something reflective of my current life in a kind of contradictory way. I wanted to make a look that was effortless, easy and timeless. The mermaid silhouette represents the timeless aspect of it. It was easy and effortless in that, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to put it on and feel good.

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The March Dress

Hey guys! I feel like I will be saying this every single month I post my monthly dress, but, I’m really sorry for inactivity. I’ve elected to take, alongside two other classes, two really demanding design classes: pattern making and draping. Each promises to be at least fifteen hours of my week on top of the five hour class.

I know that halfway through I end up breaking down, looking like a crazy person and I actually look forward to it because I work the best under pressure.

Anyways, the video below is the time lapse for this month’s dress. I really wanted to start experimenting with different textiles and colors and patterns. Every single time I start another dress, I go in with higher expectations and more complicated designs. In the beginning, it was really simple designs and something that pretty much anyone could make, and so I’m attempting to push myself more.

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