Every summer I volunteer at a local youth camp and a majority of the classes center around teaching these kids science-one of these classes, CSI jr., is one of the classes I was a TA for and kids learned fingerprinting and the importance of looking for clues in a crime scene and these kids were … Continue reading NORMAL


I think it’s important that we all have some sort of belief system in our lives. A moral guide in times where our judgement isn’t all that clear. Belief system(s) as in religion, superstitions, family + cultural traditions, etc. I personally have always believed in both good and bad karma as well as believed in … Continue reading FAITH


Hey guys! This'll be just a short notification for all y'all. If you have been on my blog before then this is new to you - you may or may not have noticed that I finally got my own domain name! Super exciting and all that! xox celestie


The definition of a feminist is someone who advocates for political, economic, social, and personal equality of BOTH genders. Or at least that’s the textbook definition for feminism. More recently it would be considered to be someone who believes that all women should be given more rights on the basis of achieving equality. At least, … Continue reading FEM