The March Dress

Hey guys! I feel like I will be saying this every single month I post my monthly dress, but, I’m really sorry for inactivity. I’ve elected to take, alongside two other classes, two really demanding design classes: pattern making and draping. Each promises to be at least fifteen hours of my week on top of the five hour class.

I know that halfway through I end up breaking down, looking like a crazy person and I actually look forward to it because I work the best under pressure.

Anyways, the video below is the time lapse for this month’s dress. I really wanted to start experimenting with different textiles and colors and patterns. Every single time I start another dress, I go in with higher expectations and more complicated designs. In the beginning, it was really simple designs and something that pretty much anyone could make, and so I’m attempting to push myself more.

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The February Dress

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been active for the past month… I’ve started taking a sewing class and I am in love with it. Everyday, I am excited to go to class.  Everyday, I am reminded of why I love designing so much. Everyday, I get to sew and create. Everyday, I am inspired and its amazing.

For February, I decided on the color red not just because of Valentine’s day but also because red is a symbol for passion. I think its fitting that I do red to show how passionate I am about about fashion and design.

So here’s the video:

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The January Dress


So, I’ve been on a hiatus due to lack of motivation because it has been the holidays and I want to spend it not on social media nor doing actual work.

But that said I did happen to finish the dress in time.

This dress caused me a lot of problems. This was the original design however in the process of making it, my vanity reared up and I thought my hips looked too big so I decided to restart and unfortunately I didn’t like the result of that either. Then it was December 31st and I still did not have a dress that I was happy with and I had just gotten back from Vegas and I only had a couple hours left to finish. I got myself together and finished my original design and I’m pretty happy with it.

As I was scrapping up the little time lapse video, I realized I also needed to take a photo for the intro and so while I was doing that, my boyfriend made me laugh and I ended up looking really funny in the photo but I used it anyways.

Here’s the video:

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happy christmas!

happy christmas all!

It is currently 10:23 PM on Christmas eve and I’m laying in bed with that strange anxiety and excitement that everyone gets when they’re anticipating the events of the next day. My family does things a little differently where we open presents on Christmas eve (today) after dinner.. So its not the presents that I’m excited for. Though if I’m being honest those were pretty cool too. lol. I’m going to be celebrating christmas with my boyfriend’s family tomorrow and it’s going to be pretty different.

I’m a little surprised we’ve lasted this long if I’m being totally honest. I’ve always believed that I have bad luck when it comes to relationships but maybe I just chose to date the wrong people? Dunno.

I’ve been on a mini hiatus which sucks, especially because I don’t actually have a valid reason aside from lack of motivation.

I’m still not done with the January dress and that’s really not good. I promise it will be done however.

But that’s all for me right now.

xox celestie

p. s. have a wonderful holiday season

The December Dress

If I’m being honest, this one was a toughie, I had a lot of trouble with this dress. I had set out to do something completely different from what it turned out as. 

I would mess up, dislike what I made, or even just decided to change it based entirely on a burst of inspiration. It was frustrating.

So I decided to go back to what I know and I’m comfortable with making. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. But, I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t challenge myself as much.

But yeah, here it is.

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If you want the link to a longer version of the video:

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