UPDATE: 9 HOURs later and I find out that the essay is not due tomorrow but the day after. procrastination nation, here I come.

SOOO… I have an essay due tomorrow that supposed to be 8-10 pages and I have not really started yet. I only have sources and a vague idea of what I’m going to do. Procrastination plagues me like everyone else unfortunately.

I’m barely fully recovered from whatever illness I got last week, which is great.

Its funny that even though I’m trying to avoid writing for a class, I ended up writing anyways, even if it’s for this.

I’m also partially consumed by the fact that its almost Christmas and I really want to get thoughtful gifts for my family and my boyfriend. It makes me wonder if I have to buy anything for the friends I claim to be close with and yet never really talk to that much.

Even my self-proclaimed best friend, I barely have any real conversations with her and I know that it might partially be my fault because I should be sending messages first and all that. I’ve never been good with distance, I’m close with the people constantly around me. Is it growth or is it that we weren’t that close to begin with?


I should probably work on my essay, y’know the one due in exactly 19 hours.

I also have no idea what I’m going to do for the December dress, and it’s almost December soooo I’ll need to figure something out.

’til next time I suppose.

xox celestie

The Dream Journal Prompt

This morning (November 9) i was on my way home from dropping my sister off at school and this sudden inspiration came to me. I was thinking about last night, more specifically a dream I had but the details were fuzzy and I could only remember fragments of it. I was in Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole scene and I remember a girl I was once friends with was there and I died. I was thinking about this as I was driving and I wondered if I could write a story about it. And, it developed into this prompt:

Right when you wake up and you have a dream and you can only remember fragments of it, rearrange and finangle it into a short story. I dub this The Dream Journal Prompt.

so i got sick

Y’all have no idea how annoyed I was at my inability to instill in myself enough stubbornness to write a blog post when I said I was going to. I was originally going to post on November 6, because, well, midterm elections. But, my body decided to get sick so here I am a day late. Still sick by the way.

SO let’s start with basic recap on my experiences with voting for the first time ever. It was a lot more research than I anticipated, and there was a lot of names I didn’t recognize which was not that surprising. I’m an independent so I voted entirely based on whichever candidate I felt like would do the best in that specific position. I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats simply because compared to the others, that person seemed like a better choice. Don’t ask me who I voted for specifically because I can’t remember at the moment. I’m definitely excited to vote again.

What else did I have to say?

I haven’t started my December Dress yet, which I should.

I got sick like four days ago and I’m still not recovered as I’m writing this. Some kind of viral infection in my throat (the doc didn’t specify which kind of viral infection, which confused me but its not strep throat so that’s a relief). I’ve been hopped up on ibuprofen and water.

Things are great with the boyfriend, which is awesome, dunno if I’ve mentioned that we’ve made up.

It’s the holiday season which means Christmas songs can be played all the time without getting funny looks.

So yeah. Good times.

xox celestie


My November Dress

AAAAAAAAA I’m back with the November Dress!!

HEY guys, sooo its THE NOVEMBER DRESS!

I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to make first starting in. I ended up just sewing and seeing where it led me. Also, sorry about the lackluster quality of the photos, I didn’t have the time to take better ones.

Here’s the video for those interested.

I’ll link the October Dress here too.

click here!

And here’s the September Dress.

click here!

And here’s more general info about the dress series!

click here!

idk what to title this lol


Someone recently (today haha) asked me about couple compatibility. And, for me, it all comes down to similar core values.

Core values as in the same or similar beliefs in regards to different virtues and vices (I totally borrowed these words from my ethics class). Virtues like honesty, compassion, and pride (there are others lol). Vices like killing, lying, and greed. There are spectrums to these things and I think we all have an opinion/belief on them. So when these core values coincide with another person is when I think compatibility exists between people, it doesn’t always have to be couples, it can be friends too.

I don’t think that having exactly the same interests is as important compared this. Like yes, you can bond over having the same favorite artists or the same show, but it’s not as important. The saying “opposites attract,” is not true in terms of core values.

To give an example, my sister and I have been opposites from since we were very young, we have different interests, different styles, different favorites, different personalities-opposites almost. But the one thing that we are the same in, is our core beliefs-we both value the same things in people and in ourselves: compassion and consideration for others, generosity because we are privileged, all these things. And, one might say that of course we have similar values, we were raised together by the same parents-but my other sister differs completely from us in terms of values. I’m not saying she doesn’t value the same things, but she puts more importance on other things.

But I was also asked what a couple should do if they find themselves incompatible by my defintion. And to what extent? What lines shouldn’t be crossed?

I personally don’t believe that a couple would be together if they were completely incompatible. I think that something must have drawn them together in the first place aside from physical appearance. BUT on the off chance that it does happen, I would say that (as a true romantic would) that if they loved each other enough and they were willing to fight for each other enough, then they should be able to get through it. And, I’m not saying that they should pretend like their differences don’t exist and ignore the problem entirely. But, I think that if they were willing to put in the effort to stay together, then they should focus that effort into understanding the other person’s point of view to gain some clarity.

But, the thing is with this is that, relationships will never be easy-even amongst compatible couples.

But there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed y’know?

To give an example (no this did not happen to me LOL):

An ‘incompatible’ couple with differing views on let’s say killing. Person 1 believes that it’s okay to kill others in defense of family and friends. Person 2 completely disagrees and believes that you should never ever kill anyone no matter the circumstances. Person 1 also believes that lying is unacceptable, that you should always be honest with yourself and others. Person 2 thinks that there are exceptions to this. They both accept that the other has different beliefs from themselves, but they choose to ignore it, they don’t talk about it because its a ‘touchy’ subject. They pretend this problem doesn’t exist-and thats’s not healthy. It’s borderline toxic even, at least in my opinion because I made this basic scenario up.


If person 2 was completely blinded by his/her love (infatuation?) for person 1, that they were ignorant to a difference in values, then I would also consider that to be toxic.

But, what I’m trying to say is that I feel the line is crossed when the relationship becomes toxic. Toxic is subjective, it is different for every relationship so I won’t label something definitively as being toxic. But, I definitely feel like this is one of those things where you have to let your friends in and have them keep you in check. At least, that’s what I do and I make sure they know I appreciate them and what they have to say even if I don’t agree.

thanks for reading this lol

relationships are my soapbox if you longtime readers haven’t noticed yet.

xox celestie