HEY y’all!


So, let’s get down to business and let’s talk about me and this page.

[FAKE REPORTER] SO, Cece, first question is: Is your name really Cece or is it just a nickname?

[ME] It’s a nickname-haha-my real name is Celeste. BUT let’s be real here, there isn’t that many nicknames for a name like Celeste.

[FAKE REPORTER] Mhm, I see, next question then, why did you start this blog? There’s plenty of good blogs out there-why should people choose to read yours?

[ME] Well, first I’m a student barely an adult and I wanted to document my life from here on out. I feel like there’s not too many blogs out there that really talk about the indecision and difficulties of teenagers who have big dreams and who want to be rich and successful-but don’t know how to get there and/or don’t have the guts to do it. I want to share my experiences so that if -hopefully- the people in a similar situation to me do read this, they know that they’re not alone and someone is in the same boat as them. I’m also a real loser so a lot of my experiences sound really dumb-HAHA- so people should read for the comedic factor as well.

[FAKE REPORTER] Do you think you’ll be able to commit to writing on this blog regularly?

[ME] Well, I certainly hope I can. I am still in high school about to graduate and it might get a little hectic, but I love writing and talking about my experiences, so I will try.

[FAKE REPORTER] I have a very important question for you- What is your favorite color? Is it purple?

[ME] -gasps- How did you know?

[FAKE REPORTER] -brushes off invisible lint- I’m just that cool. So, what are your interests? What do you like to do?

[ME] I love fashion-I think about clothes and fashion all the time- I mean, I don’t see what the top designers are coming up with-and the omg did you see that fashion show yesterday-type of stuff, but I like designing clothes in my head. I love makeup but I’m not very good at it-haha. I love ASMR and I love taking pictures.

[FAKE REPORTER] Well. That’s me done. Any last statements?

[ME] I’m going to try my hardest to be relatable to my readers and I hope that they will leave me comments about what I should talk about next or if they want my view on something I’d love to talk about it-but disclaimer-I’ll not talk about specifics of where I live and all that because y’all know privacy issues and all that is some serious business.

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