Relationships Are HARD <3


Let’s talk about the fun stuff…

-wait for it-

-drum roll-

relationships. lovely.

Anyway- I will likely be forgoing grammar here because this topic be lengthy hon-eey.

If you go through high school without experiencing any relationship drama-then lovely, you got lucky.

Having been through ridiculous relationships myself, I can tell you that nowadays, most millennials (like myself) or most gen z kids only date because it’ll gain them more followers or more social status-in schools and its not just high school, it’s also bleeding into the middle schools and in the rare cases, elementary schools. Now that sounds crazy and overdramatic but as someone who has younger siblings, it is becoming increasingly common to see.Like what happened to the good ol’ finding a high school sweetheart cliché or being best friends and dating in college scenario? And I’m guilty of the same thing I’m talking about!

Personally, I believe it may be a result of social media-I mean its great, I’m an addict I swear-but because of social media status-who has the most followers or the most likes or some other stuff like that, might be the reason a lot of kids (like me LOL) are getting into those one month-long relationships just so they can post about it. And what is so crazy about it all is that – I don’t know about little boys but- little girls are being told stories of having a prince charming when they’re older and they become so disillusioned at a young age that, life isn’t like a fairytale, and that sometimes your heart will get broken. It’s such a terrible thing because we need people like that; ones who believe that love can be like a fairytale, because it is a beautiful thing.

Relationships have never been something that I am good at. I’ve always believed that I had/have bad luck because the guy always broke up with me and got bored. I wondered – what the heck is wrong with me? why is it so hard to keep a steady boyfriend? But I realized that-maybe, just maybe-it wasn’t my fault? Maybe it was because social media was so ingrained in our lives that it was just the cool thing to do-other reasons include maybe the guys were just used to breaking up with girls after a month- and they had been conditioned by society to believe that’s what was manly and that’s what guys are supposed to do.

No matter what though, always have your friends around to keep you in check, to make sure you’re not blind to the other person’s faults. Don’t ditch your friends for that significant other either.

I find that whenever we have problems we go online and see if the answers are on the internet and it’s strange to me that we find the best advice in random places. I was always the friend that gave advice but couldn’t follow her own advice. It’s the same with relationship problems like if y’all need advice I’m down to give it if you want.


What do you guys think?

Comment your thoughts below!

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