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Should I start recommending songs to go with posts?

What does it mean to be censored?

Why is it so hard to be able to express opinions freely and without judgement?

I have always been an advocate of people speaking their minds, their opinions, so long as it is not intentionally hateful.

But that is always confused with ignorance, and that is why we must educate ourselves as much as we can before we speak on a topic. To speak with ignorance, makes to the whole argument moot.

I cannot claim to know everything there is on societal behavior, why some people are sensitive to the generalizations strangers make, or why it is a novel experience to not get hate over an offhand comment.

But I can say that, a majority of people do not like being wrong. Understatement? Maybe.

And sometimes that affects the way they hear certain things.

Personal anecdote: My parents, I love them-they have different experiences than me, but they are not capable of understanding that other people will have opinions different to theirs (at least in regards to myself) and that’s the way it is, I suppose. They wouldn’t understand why my opinion was different from theirs on specific topics, or why I would get frustrated when they would angry at me for speaking my mind. They say, “Well, your comment was silly”, “stupid”, etc. and it was really frustrating-I couldn’t understand why they got so angry especially when it was only an opinion. I realize that maybe they couldn’t see it from my point of view, or maybe because they were raised with their parent’s beliefs and expected the same of me. But it was so frustrating, and I didn’t know what to do. They were unshakeable. We couldn’t talk about anything-aside from how each other’s day was- without tension building. It was crazy. I know they aren’t the only ones at fault, that I have so blame to share-that I probably should have said nothing to keep the peace or if I knew my parents had a particularly stressful day, to just not talk at all- but it was hard to just sit there and not speak up for myself.

I like to think that, around family we can talk about anything and everything-that we would be able to talk and debate ideas back and forth without a fight breaking out. I’m an idealist.

I’ve obviously not lived very long-through no fault of my own-but it has put me at a disadvantage because my youth will be used against me in arguments such as these-no matter who is actually right because who cares about logic (it was thrown out of the window a long time ago). A lot of people would disregard my side of the story simply because I’m a teenager and there is a long-held myth that “teenagers always think they’re right,” but there’s always exceptions. The winners write history, they say, well- parents are the ones who’ve said that teenagers always think they’re right. But what if that was a result of the parents not being able to accept individuality and difference of opinion? Something to reflect upon, I suppose.

What if we lived in a tolerant society? I say we keep working for that.

What if speaking out was encouraged rather than frowned upon? Would we have an explosion of diverse ideas and viewpoints? Maybe.

This is my way of speaking out.

What is censorship? I had asked. Well, my answer is this, censorship is the suppression of opinions by the ideals of society and the surrounding environment, the discouragement of difference and individuality in expressing one’s opinions, even if they are unpopular opinions.

We actively discourage the expression of hateful speech in the effort to promote tolerance. So, I’m not saying that all censorship is bad, but maybe what is censored/taboo should change. I suspect millennials and gen z will be actively working towards a society where difference in opinion is encouraged-not only because we are the more outspoken sort (who gets defensive of everything) but because we were raised with the idea that we are the change that we wish to see in the world.

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