My friends are dumb.

Everyone knows they like each other.

But they refuse to come clean.

‘Tis a cliché.

But there isn’t much one can do is there?

I’ve found that a majority of teen romances are a pale imitation of real life romance. But, what would I know, I’m a writer and a reader. So, much of what I know of life can be attributed to books.

Anyways, back to the topic: teen romance.

Teen romance is very much its own family of clichés, and a majority of them are a result of societal expectations and naivety. Back to one of my previous posts, Relationships Are Hard, I mention social media as one of the main reasons teen relationships don’t last particularly long and its because social media is one of the tools by which society is shaped. The news puts a spotlight on issues that must be addressed and it usually does so by pointing out the negative traits of people. And, certainly that is good a majority of the time. But it is how the media shapes society. They put a rose-tinted lens on relationships and criticize couples who aren’t perfect.

We (teens) are in a unique position where we have access to technology that can allow us to do amazing things and sometimes that is the problem: the internet can teach us a lot-much like relationships.

Where do we go if we want to find information quickly? The internet.

So, finding information on relationships is pretty easy on the internet. Its easy to make friends over the internet. Its easy to like someone over text. It isn’t the same as a face to face relationship. Can we really claim it’s a relationship if it is online?

It is easy to say, “I love you,” from behind a computer screen, but it’s not as easy saying it face to face.

When teens interact with each other in person, a crush, its rather awkward isn’t it?

This brings me back to my dumb friend who is crushing hard-he doesn’t admit it of course- now it is quite tragic that he is spending a lot of time fawning over a girl who will be gone in a few weeks, but I say it’s a good thing. He seems quite eager to get a girlfriend-I do not understand why-anyways, that’s just how it is, so I sit back and watch in amusement when he reads this and complains that he is not love sick and that he’s not desperate but we both know he is.

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