So, as you know, I am full-time student-the fact that I am going to graduate soon has no bearing on that fact- and so, I’m always looking forward to seeing what teaching styles our future teachers will implement and whether or not these teachers are able to teach each and every student the concepts they need to know. Its really important for teachers to be able to adapt to different types of students’ learning paces in addition to teaching in a way that implements different types of learning (e.g. visual or hands-on learning).

I find that in general, really good teachers will use (in their lesson plans), a mashup of different activities each designed for different types of learning so that the point comes across for students. And, I feel that it is one of the more important traits of a teacher: the ability to adapt and work with students.

I remember being assigned a project for economics and we (my group and I) were assigned to describe what we considered should be the criteria for any staff member working at a 21st century high school. As we were working on this project, I noticed that while qualifications (e.g. education, experience, etc.) was important-what was really being emphasized was that the teachers really needed to be passionate about what they were teaching and be competent at conveying the information to different types of students-which is mostly borne of experience. But some new teachers are naturally charismatic and can keep their students on task, so it would be unfair to say that only experienced teachers are competent because sometimes the opposite is true-where more experienced teachers become lazy or complacent.

You know you have a good teacher when:

-you are able to recall a majority of whatever topic they’re lecturing about

-you are able to participate in discussions

-you are willing to be engaged in whatever activity the teacher assigns

-you actually do the work assigned

-you’re willing to respect the teacher and his/her rules

-you feel confident enough to share opinions and expect no judgement in return

Being a teacher isn’t easy- they have to know their subject but they also have to be able command respect through the way they teach and through their interactions with students. Respect is important, if students don’t respect the teacher in any form-they won’t be learning anything-no fault to the teacher or the student because it can be either one-but mutual respect is something that is necessary for a working classroom environment.

But yeah, I thought we needed a change of pace from relationships to something more mellow.

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