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So, I need a better intro into these posts…

Anyways, stereotyping.

My thoughts: Its convenient for generalized descriptions of others and these stereotypes exist for a reason-much like clichés exist for a reason. Obviously, we shouldn’t be basing all of our judgements on perceived stereotypes but in all honesty, it is done quite a bit-for first impressions on strangers. To withhold judgement on others is difficult, by nature we judge others (are they threats to us-evaluating their worth to us, etc.) and stereotypes make it easier to make quick judgements but the problem with these quick judgements is that not everyone will fit into that mold and there is always going to be exceptions.

I think that all of us promote stereotyping, as a way to conform to society. To fit in, we change the way others see us so that we can fit in to already formed groups of “like-minded” people.

Stereotyping has such a bad reputation because of the few that don’t like to be labeled that are more outspoken and that’s okay. A lot of are recognized as being different because we choose not to conform and that’s a personal choice. But the crux of the matter is this: stereotyping does have a large effect of how people behave. Whether or not people conform or not is what is being affected.

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  1. I’m pretty sure everyone at some point has been subject to stereotyping. I couldn’t possibly know what others truly think of me but I assume that I would be under the categories of underachiever and airhead.


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