So… hmm… it is always such a difficulty deciding on what to write haha.

okay so! music!

I love music-I think that it’s a wonderful form of self-expression and it says a lot about who we are as people. Obviously different genres of music will appeal to different people and it can say a lot about them specifically. I like the music that you can sing along to. I’m no amazing singer but I can carry a tune (at least in my head I can :D) and I listen to music for hours and hours and -thankfully- I’m not deaf yet haha. Music speaks to us in different ways and it’s a very important part of any culture to have. It is a language everyone can understand and that connects us all (sappy much?). .



What’s your favorite genre? contact me! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

2 responses

  1. My favorite genre is rock.The type that expresses the feeling and soul of the artists. What about you? You say you can carry a tune yet we don’t hear you sing.


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