By the time this post goes up, I’ll most likely be on a plane to or already at Hawaii, specifically Maui.

Also, all of you can probably tell by the progressively shorter posts that I am running out of things to talk about.

So, this post’s topic is inspiration. Specifically, how I find inspiration for this blog-topics to talk about and all that.

I find most of my inspiration in my experiences (wow that made me sound old) ones that could be grouped together as having a similar moral or lesson.

Experiences where I make mistakes that I later regret but at the same time don’t regret. I regret because I wish I hadn’t done it in the first place, but at the same time I wouldn’t change what happened because I learned better and know not to make the same mistakes (well, obviously, isn’t attempting the same thing multiple times and expecting different results the very definition of insanity?).

I also like to find topics where I can just share an opinion on them.

I think its important to clearly define your own opinion on specific topics because you not only learn things about yourself but you also have to learn from multiple sides of the spectrum to make informed decisions. This reminds me of that one show on Youtube, its called Middle Ground, and its really fascinating because it’s a debate style show, where people from different backgrounds, genders, odd circumstances come together and have a debate on a specific topic, (e.g. pro-life or pro-choice) and there is no winner in the end, but the watchers and the debaters leave more informed about the other sides’ opinions and various views on a topic because there isn’t always going to be just two opinions.

Maybe I’ll do a post on my views on abortion or feminism. Something to think about-personally, I think these are particularly volatile topics but they are quite interesting, no?

I also find that I just like to ramble on about random things. If you hadn’t noticed, I do talk a lot.

But suffice to say that, in the end, I’ll be satisfied with a post if I have at least a hundred words written down and I more or less stay on topic (because I do like to go off on tangents). Also, if you notice grammar mistakes, it’s because I don’t actually proofread anything that I post-its more of hoping that I typed all of this without making mistakes.

And, that’s a wrap-see you next time!

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