The definition of a feminist is someone who advocates for political, economic, social, and personal equality of BOTH genders. Or at least that’s the textbook definition for feminism. More recently it would be considered to be someone who believes that all women should be given more rights on the basis of achieving equality. At least, these are the political definitions.

I personally would not consider myself to be a feminist. And you would ask:

Well, Celeste, don’t you believe that everyone should have equal rights and opportunities?

Of course, but I believe that feminism has really evolved from equal everything for all people to just more rights for women while pushing the blame to the male gender.

My definition of a true feminist would be someone who not only advocates for women’s rights but also advocates for men’s rights as well. I think that modern ideas of feminism are rather extreme-that to give rights to women we need to take rights away from men-and while most people don’t believe that (I hope), the more outspoken feminists talk about male privilege and how society, government, whatever it is-has to take away these privileges so that women can gain equal footing.

It can be hypocritical to expect to gain rights based on genders and many actually become disillusioned by what they see feminists are actually advocating for. This exaggerated oppression that women seem to face isn’t as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. Yes, wage inequality exists-that is a something worth fighting. Yes, rape culture exists to some extent-but not all victims are female. And yes, women in general are discriminated against-but isn’t feminism (currently) a pretty name for the sexist treatment of men?

If the cause didn’t seem so self-righteous, I might label myself lightly as a feminist in that broad spectrum, as someone who does believe in equal opportunities for both genders. But the main problem I see, is that there is a deviation from feminism’s original aims-and while the official definition remains the same and the unofficial but popular message has become somewhat hypocritical-I cannot in good conscience bash another gender and promote my own because of what society has decided to do in terms of these genders-all based on circumstances of birth.

So. no I would not consider myself a feminist until such a time its aims return to what it once was.

Hmm.. I feel like I restated a few points a couple times-but oh well, all the better to emphasize it.

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  1. This was something I’ve been meaning to say for so long and I’m so glad people are finally addressing this…
    Feminism, like almost all other trends, has been distorted over the years into something it was never intended to be and I feel like everyone just uses this as an excuse to generally hate men and be sexist.

    Feminism was never about criticizing the male species, it was about being empowered but people don’t seem to realize that there’s a difference between those two
    You don’t always have to put someone else down to rise up, and it seems like no one’s got that message
    It’s like we’ll never achieve that balance in our society, where we’re on equal footing with no discrimination

    I’m so glad you decided to write about this…
    I wrote a similar post on Body-positivity and how the message has been distorted recently and well, till date, there haven’t been any haters. I hope thoughts like these are received just as well…

    Great post, Cece!
    Looking forward to reading more from you ❤

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