Every summer I volunteer at a local youth camp and a majority of the classes center around teaching these kids science-one of these classes, CSI jr., is one of the classes I was a TA for and kids learned fingerprinting and the importance of looking for clues in a crime scene and these kids were kindergarten and first grade kids. I remember the teacher having the kids draw what they thought a criminal would look like and they were asked to present their drawing. And, one kid walked up to the front and showed a drawing of a perfectly ordinary looking person and he said, “I drew a serial killer.” All the other kids drew people holding weapons or people robbing a bank and this kid drew someone so completely ordinary looking and I was shocked. I thought, wow this kid-he knows what’s up.

The truth of it is, is that appearances are deceiving and that anyone can be a killer. Sometimes, the most horrible killers are the ones that can blend into the crowd, the ones that no one would ever expect-because they look so normal.

It was shocking to me that a child maybe 6 years old was able to say what a lot of us in hindsight ‘know’ but would never think to say. I, myself would probably have drawn what the other kids drew because I would never have thought to draw what he did. But I think that it was important that the child did and I was able to witness it because I feel enlightened and I can share it with my readers.

I think we often overlook the opinions of those younger than us-because we all assume that we’re older, that we’re wiser, all these things-but in all honesty, I think that children compensate the lack of knowledge that they have with simplicity-finding simple solutions to complicated problems which is sometimes the best solution. They have simple morals-you told a white lie, it’s wrong doesn’t matter why you lied, its still wrong-that sort of thing. And, sometimes simplicity is key.

I think that its important to note that children can sometimes be more insightful than a lot of adults.

I think it’s important to not overlook anyone, because to obtain opinions from all types of people allows for a broader spectrum of understanding.

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  1. When you said you would update your blog every Thursday and Sunday you weren’t kidding. Glad to see you have something you’re passionate about. Keep up the good work! FIGHTING! Don’t be weak!

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