I’d like to write one of those ‘how I got started’ kinds of posts. I want to tell my beginning. I would tell the rest of the story but it hasn’t happened yet, so here we go.



I decided to start a blog because I was feeling stifled-I had no creative outlet where I could just talk about my opinions or anything like that. So, I decided that instead of music, dance, sport or whatever everyone else was doing-I would make a blog where I could talk about pretty much anything I wanted. I created a platform so that people could read what I had to say and react to it. I started the conversation. Its electrifying to read messages that I get-I get excited to talk about requested topics because in the end we all want to feel useful and that’s how being asked to talk about something makes me feel.

Oh also, another reason I started this blog-rather found the courage to make it after months of self-doubt, was one of my good friends who has a blog of her own, and she inspired me to create something like this-so she definitely has my thanks for that.

I wanted this blog to be a forum for discussion and a lot of these messages aren’t going to public because some people are private so they’ll contact me through that handy button up top and that’s their preference (haha shameless plug). It’s easy to make assumptions that people will always have polarized ideas about certain things and most of the time we fall into those shades of grey. I am one of those people and I wanted to make it clear because a lot of people believe that you can only believe in something or against it and not in between-and I wanted readers to know that its okay to not be fully for or against certain things.

A lot of my posts have stories about my experiences and I wouldn’t have it any other way-it’s a way to feel more connected to readers. I like to think that I’m an open book but I might be wrong-there is no shame in admitting mistakes and so I pass that message on when I talk about mistakes I’ve made. If I’ve done something that I was so proud of, I would share it. Embarrassing stories, cheesy, romantic, awkward-all of it, I would share if asked.

I talk about things that I get asked pretty often-most of it is relationship advice, but not all of it. I think that there is more to life than finding a partner-and so I try not to overwhelm my blog with that topic. I think in webs, I’m always going off on tangents and it shows in my writing-I’m not all that focused, I have a sort of ‘stream of consciousness’ style writing where I write whatever comes to my mind to write-and I think that it adds genuity and authenticity. I am still a teenager and I don’t think anyone expects me to be a professional writer so I don’t put in effort to a point where I freak out, but just enough. No expectations, no promises.

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