I’ve always believed confidence in oneself was one of the most admirable and desirable traits one could have. But at the same time there is a borderline between confidence and arrogance which I feel should never be crossed-duh! But how do we know when we cross the line?

Here’s some examples that are not as obvious:

  • If you show up late to outings frequently-it shows that you feel like your time is more valuable than others. And, it is one of the most understated signs of arrogance because most people don’t think that deeply about something like being late.
  • If you go out of your way to prove that you’re right or to prove that you’re never wrong- it a lack of acceptance on your part that shows arrogance and if you end up being right about it and you can’t be gracious about it, then well, its arrogance.

But confidence is not just about being proud of how you look or being comfortable in your own skin. Its also about being able to respect yourself in a way no one else can. You respect yourself by not doubting your ability and skills. You respect yourself when you push yourself to do better in every aspect of your life. Because this kind of respect-the kind that stems from self-love- is all the more impactful.

They say that when you have less confidence, it prevents you from seizing opportunities and taking risks for yourself that could ultimately help you succeed. I’ve struggled with that for a long time. I was confident in who I was and I was comfortable in who I was as a person. But, I was never confident in my abilities and I never took risks. But, at the same time, I wouldn’t change the decisions I’ve made because I’m able to talk about it now whereas if I did have the confidence to do things I ordinarily wouldn’t do, I probably couldn’t relate to this on such a personal level.

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