So, I think I’ve mentioned spending my summer volunteering at a science camp for kids in my neighborhood of sorts. And, I am being extremely sincere when I say it was the one thing I looked forward to every single summer. I loved being able to watch kids explore the new things they learned, watch as their curiosity was encouraged by not only the staff but also by their peers, and I loved being able to be there for the kids. I think I started to love this place when I realized that I became a role model to these kids, I have kids who come up to me and say, “Celeste is my favorite volunteer,” or when they cheer when I end up helping in their class. I have had some of the same kids for the past five years and we have a mutual respect for each other and it kind of leaves me in awe.

Earlier on Wednesday, which was yesterday, I had a break in between my shifts there and so I went to my friend’s house and I knew I could only stay for a certain amount of time before I knew I would be late. My friend asked me to stay longer and I didn’t-and that’s when I realized how committed I was to this place. That I sacrifice a majority of my summer for kids who I probably will never see when they’re older. The level of dedication I put into coming here every year so I could be part of something so much bigger than myself.

I might not be able to come again next year because of other (probably life-affecting) commitments-but I am definitely making a promise to myself to visit every year at least once-to visit the kids I know I will miss.

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