I can never claim to be an experienced makeup guru or a skin care expert. But, I’ve been lucky in my life to be blessed with good, in-between, acne-free skin. It was like winning one of life’s many lotteries. That said, despite my luck-I don’t want to push it by doing nothing for my skin either.

So here’s my daily skin care routine:

I use Clinique’s Moisture Surge 72 HOUR Auto-Replenishing Hydrator. I experimented with a lot of skincare when I first discovered Sephora. This is one product that I use most often (face product) and I use it nightly and its really good for most skin types. A lot of people refuse to buy moisturizing and hydrating products if they have oily skin which is something that always confuses me because obviously oil is not the same as water.

I also use Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion-it’s really good for sensitive skin and while I don’t have that-I use it because it has better ingredients than the ordinary brands. It’s also scentless which is nice because scented lotions have a bunch of other additives just to obtain a pleasing scent some of which can cause allergic reactions.

I also use coconut oil in addition to cuticle oil on my hands, especially where my nails are. I wear acrylic nails a lot and so I have so called blender nails. It’s a lot of damage so I have to take care of them when I’m not wearing fake nails. I also use coconut oil on my lashes to grow them because I wear makeup like most people and false lashes will pull out my real ones. So, yeah.

BUT *disclaimer time* Just because these products worked for me-there is no guarantee it’ll work for you. 🙂 Sorry must be said. It’s true after all.

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