Today was a day of milestones.

Today, was the first time I ever walked into a post office.

Today, was the first time I ever bought stamps.

Today, was the first time I’ve ever sent a letter.

Today, I realized I will be sending many more letters in the future-because there’s just something special about the anticipation of a reply, the anxiety and fear that the person might not receive it, and the excitement of the moment when the pen first touches the card.

Today, I found a love for letter writing. It was exciting and at the same time I felt like I was missing out on a lot of day-to-day things that I ‘knew’ about but never really had done. Like, watering the lawn and mowing the grass.

Today, I decided to write another letter. It’s an addiction, I swear-but a good kind.

Tomorrow, I will see what it’s like to send a package. It will be most likely be just as exciting.

[side note] I remember when I was younger and I was watching my mom pen a letter to go along with a package that she was sending a friend and she used so many stamps that day (I had thought they were stickers). She didn’t mind me taking some because at the time, stamps were like 10 cents. But now its 50 cents for one stamp, and it’s mind boggling.

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  1. At first I thought it said today was a day of miles. And I thought to myself, she never runs miles let alone walks them. Letters are a lot more personal than text or emails. Especially when people decorate them and put like stickers and arts and craft on them.
    Try doing laundry and ironing next. LoL. Welcome to the adult life.

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