Hey guys! It’s day 5 on my a-post-a-day challenge and I’ll be honest-I’m so tired of this already. TWO DAYS left!

So, topic of the day is MYTH vs. FACT- the modern teen edition!



“Teens are addicted to technology.”

When we talk about technology in such a broad sense, it can mean a number of different things. But most people imply use of the internet and the thing about that is most of the time, ‘being ‘online’ means that we’re all engaging with other people at a rapid pace. It isn’t that we’re addicted to staring at screens all day, its that we’re addicted to each other. That we can’t go for more than a couple hours without some kind of human interaction-even if it’s through a screen.

“Teens are being careless about personal info on the internet.”

Its funny because you realize that unless you personally know me outside of this blog, other readers might ‘know’ a lot about me-but they don’t know me. We’ve grown up in an age where social media is such an important part of our culture, it’s part of being informed on a much larger and faster scale. I think that we know the importance of not sharing specific things because we know how dangerous social media is-because we can see its potential, both good and bad. And, one way we do it is this, having multiple accounts for different outlets. I have an email for personal info and friends and another for school. I have an Instagram for this blog and one for my friends. Its this compartmentalization of our internet footprints that keeps us safe.

“Teenagers never want to talk to their parents about their problems.”

This is a common belief I feel is incomplete. I think that this misconception is rooted in the idea that different generations will think differently and are raised with different societal expectations. That maybe my problem is something that my parents wouldn’t ever be able to help with because they’ve never had that experience. I don’t think that teens don’t want to talk to their parents. I think they do but they’re afraid of being misunderstood.

“Teens are drunks, smokers, and become parents before 18.”

Sure, there are teens who do drugs and drink and have unprotected sex. There are always a couple. So, let’s first talk about teenage pregnancy, you’ll find that in the US, as of 2016, there were only 20.3 births for every 1000 teenage females from the ages 15-19. It is the lowest teen birth rate recorded in the US and it has been continuing to decline. Guess you could say that thanks to sex ed- kids are smarter these days, no?

Tobacco use by teens and young adults has declined substantially in the last 40 years. In 2017, only one in twenty-five high school seniors was a daily smoker and less than one in ten smoked within the last thirty days.

A lot times underage drinking is something that people assume happens quite often-usually social drinking. But in actuality from 2002 to 2015, rates of underage drinking decreased and have remained relatively stable since then.

But all these facts don’t really mean much until you realize that this generation compared to the previous one have done all these things, but this generation just had lower rates-meaning they did it less frequently than their parents did.

There are definitely many other myths about teens but these few cover the more common general ones.

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  1. “It isn’t that we’re addicted to staring at screens all day, its that we’re addicted to each other” – haha…I like that quote, I think I’ll be using it.

    It is difficult for most teens and even most adults to talk to their parents about serious issues. I know my parents grew up in a different country with a different set of beliefs and social norms. So like dying your hair, getting ear rings, nose rings, belly button jewels, or getting a tattoo are all crazy things to do for them. And things like living with your boyfriend or girlfriend are nearly heretical ideas. So many people I know avoid telling them and just get ear rings,nose rings, dying their hair, getting tattoos, etc.

    How do you communicate with your parents about your problems?

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    • Well, I got ideas that my parents wouldn’t ever understand my problems, etc. from people at school and the people online and so from maybe elementary school-I had always sought to be different and so I decided that if everyone else wants to believe that their parents would never understand them, that I would do the opposite. Most of my discussions with my parents are actually during meals-if I needed a ride somewhere or I needed to do something I would tell them during a meal. My family is strange in that we’re all very opinionated and we have no problems telling each other exactly how wrong the other is and so it makes for heated discussion but the communication is there.


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