hEY guys! So I’m going to talk about my creative journey through the years.

I went through phases during high school when I needed a creative outlet. My first was scrapbooking and I loved it. Rather I loved the idea of it. I made scrapbooks for all my friends-a journey of our friendship. I had bought half the craft store because I went into a creative frenzy. But it didn’t last, I spent so much time on these that I had no time to do anything else.

So, I moved onto other things like fashion design, I loved the idea that I wore only things that I made. It was fun for around two years until I really couldn’t afford to this during school. I made a lot of clothes but I just don’t wear them anymore mostly because of style change. But during this period, not only did I make my own clothes but I also made my own jewelry and accessories-made a lot of random things into earrings (Christmas time was fun because I got really creative). You know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and it was my love of creating that made that year’s Halloween really special. I love dressing up and playing a character. But I had to move on because to be frank I lost a lot of motivation to just sit down for hours and create.

I’ve also delved into nail art and makeup just because it was something small and not as time consuming as the other things.

But, more recently I’ve been loving taking photos, glamour shots. Its fun to take pictures for yourself. I am still in this photography phase (hopefully it’s not just a phase). I take a lot of photos with a Nikon and I use the self-timer settings because I’ve always believed that the only one who would know what I want was myself. So, it adds an extra step but its totally worth it.

Blogging is something that I’ve come to love because its therapeutic for myself. I like writing about my experiences and sharing details about me that a lot of my friends don’t know.

I would consider myself more of a jack of all creative trades rather than a master at something specific. I’m not the best designer, seamstress, photographer, artist, writer or scrapbooker but I would consider myself to be somewhat competent at these arts.


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