Hey guys! Should I start a video blog to go along with this one? It would probably save a lot of time if I’m being honest. The only problem is, I would still have difficulty finding a topic to talk about-also I would need a good video editing software-actually any would be good, I’m not going to make them super fancy or anything, but I think it could be a cool element to add.


Anyways, my 18th birthday is coming up in around 1 ½ months so I’m having trouble deciding what to do to celebrate. It feels almost wrong to not celebrate but that’s what I’m leaning towards. I’m much more in favor of sleeping in late and going out with family and that’s it. But then, it is the big 18 so I feel almost obligated to celebrate-but one should never underestimate how lazy I am.

So, how should I celebrate?


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  1. You should make those Happy Birthday cookies and cakes. The cookies especially were really cute. Most people have a small party, get dressed up, and take a bunch of those Happy 18th Birthday pics. Those cookies last year were awesome.

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