Playing A Part

Playing A Part

Hey guys! I realize that I did miss a post on Sunday and that’s because I’m working on something big that’ll be revealed soon.

Anyways, so, today I’m going to be elaborating on the explanation of my motto.

Like everyone else, I have a motto that I live by and it was a culmination of my love for fashion and showmanship (I suppose it also appeals to my vanity as well). I had always and still do believe that the way you present yourself is extremely important. It’s confidence when you go out dressed and you are proud of what you show to the world. It’s being different in a way that doesn’t affect anyone else. It’s almost like playing a character everyday-and the character is who you wish you were and having belief in that you can become what you wish, and so in the process becoming the best version of yourself.

I think that ultimately we want to be the best versions of ourselves and the way you dress, and the way you present yourself is half the battle won. You want to present yourself with dignity and confidence because that is important in being successful in anything you put yourself to achieving.


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