My September Dress!


the september dress

So, as mentioned before I started this monthly dress series and today is when I’m posting the very first dress in the series.

So my inspiration for this dress was that because it was September, which is my birthday month, it had to be based around styles that I liked. I’ve always appreciates putting modern takes on older styles and so I did that for grecian style dresses that I’ve always appreciated.

I’m linking the video down below and I’m sharing a not-so-secret, secret. When I first made the dress, I was about to edit the footage to make it a time-lapse compilation. BUT, I accidentally deleted all the footage. I freaked out and you’re probably wondering how I still have a video for this and this is because after I accidentally deleted it, I ran around like a crazy person attempting to ‘recreate’ the video and I only had half an hour because I was about to leave to go to a friend’s house. So I was running around and basically made two dresses. While the first one took 3 hours the second took, well, half an hour.

So, the video is linked below.

click here!

And, if you haven’t seen my behind the monthly dress series post it is also linked here.

click here!



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  1. Dude, that dress is awesome. Where did you learn how to do all that clothes stuff? Do you make a lot of your own clothes? Will October’s dress be Halloween themed?

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