happy christmas!

happy christmas all!

It is currently 10:23 PM on Christmas eve and I’m laying in bed with that strange anxiety and excitement that everyone gets when they’re anticipating the events of the next day. My family does things a little differently where we open presents on Christmas eve (today) after dinner.. So its not the presents that I’m excited for. Though if I’m being honest those were pretty cool too. lol. I’m going to be celebrating christmas with my boyfriend’s family tomorrow and it’s going to be pretty different.

I’m a little surprised we’ve lasted this long if I’m being totally honest. I’ve always believed that I have bad luck when it comes to relationships but maybe I just chose to date the wrong people? Dunno.

I’ve been on a mini hiatus which sucks, especially because I don’t actually have a valid reason aside from lack of motivation.

I’m still not done with the January dress and that’s really not good. I promise it will be done however.

But that’s all for me right now.

xox celestie

p. s. have a wonderful holiday season

The December Dress

If I’m being honest, this one was a toughie, I had a lot of trouble with this dress. I had set out to do something completely different from what it turned out as. 

I would mess up, dislike what I made, or even just decided to change it based entirely on a burst of inspiration. It was frustrating.

So I decided to go back to what I know and I’m comfortable with making. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. But, I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t challenge myself as much.

But yeah, here it is.

If you missed last month’s dress its linked below:

click here!

The behind the dress series is also linked below:

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If you want the link to a longer version of the video:

click here!

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