The January Dress


So, I’ve been on a hiatus due to lack of motivation because it has been the holidays and I want to spend it not on social media nor doing actual work.

But that said I did happen to finish the dress in time.

This dress caused me a lot of problems. This was the original design however in the process of making it, my vanity reared up and I thought my hips looked too big so I decided to restart and unfortunately I didn’t like the result of that either. Then it was December 31st and I still did not have a dress that I was happy with and I had just gotten back from Vegas and I only had a couple hours left to finish. I got myself together and finished my original design and I’m pretty happy with it.

As I was scrapping up the little time lapse video, I realized I also needed to take a photo for the intro and so while I was doing that, my boyfriend made me laugh and I ended up looking really funny in the photo but I used it anyways.

Here’s the video:

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