The March Dress

Hey guys! I feel like I will be saying this every single month I post my monthly dress, but, I’m really sorry for inactivity. I’ve elected to take, alongside two other classes, two really demanding design classes: pattern making and draping. Each promises to be at least fifteen hours of my week on top of the five hour class.

I know that halfway through I end up breaking down, looking like a crazy person and I actually look forward to it because I work the best under pressure.

Anyways, the video below is the time lapse for this month’s dress. I really wanted to start experimenting with different textiles and colors and patterns. Every single time I start another dress, I go in with higher expectations and more complicated designs. In the beginning, it was really simple designs and something that pretty much anyone could make, and so I’m attempting to push myself more.

If you haven’t seen my February Dress:

click me!

If you haven’t seen my January Dress:

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If you want more info behind the series:

click me!

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