The April Dress

This is like four days late….

I am overly stressed out from sewing practically every other day on top of going to class, so much so that I have only enough time to dedicate it to my family and boyfriend. But, I’m honestly having the time of my life. I have always described my biggest character flaw using the biblical term sloth. I am really lazy and I think this is my time to work on outgrowing it. The constant deadlines and expectations push my skill as a designer and inspire my creativity, I have to be better and work harder. I find that the more pressure I am under, the better I work and the less I complain. I have higher energy despite sleeping less and less.

There were times where I was too tired to even think about working on the monthly dress throughout the 7-8 months I’ve been working on it. But I knew that I made a commitment to it by posting the first dress. But it’s hard, its easy to want to just stop and give up, but at the same time it’s equally as easy to keep going when everyone who sees your work and sees your progress, keeps you accountable despite not even saying anything.

For my April Dress, I really wasn’t sure what to make but it got into my head that I should do something reflective of my current life in a kind of contradictory way. I wanted to make a look that was effortless, easy and timeless. The mermaid silhouette represents the timeless aspect of it. It was easy and effortless in that, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to put it on and feel good.

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