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So as promised I’m here with all the news and stuff going on in my life…

So, I’m not quite sure where to start…. but I guess I should start with school. I’m going to be attending design school at FIDM in October which is really exciting as I’m transferring after only one year at community college-I’ve found that I was way more motivated when I for sure knew what I wanted to do from life.

That motivation has led me to be more ambitious in my endeavors, for example, the next piece of news: I’m interning at a company that owns three fashion brands and it’s really exciting because I’ve been given the opportunity to learn inside tips and tricks in terms of the entire process of putting clothing designs into production to be sold. From the factories that produce samples and prototypes of garments to the marketing and promoting of the brand. All of the quality control of measurements to the types of fabric-its all so fascinating and has me dream of one day being able to be in the position to be in charge of designing garments to one day be mass produced and sold.

Oh also because the monthly dress series is coming to an end soon, I’ve decided to divulge a super secret for those people that actually read this blog… Reminiscent is the concept of a collection coming soon-be on the lookout!

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The July Dress

Hi guys, I know I promised to update more and I will!!! It’s been really crazy and I hope to update you all on events in my life and everything in between! So stay tuned for thursday okkk??!!

Anyways, here’s the July dress! I hope you like what I’ve scrapped together in the very little time I had… enjoy~

If you haven’t seen my june dress:

click me!

If you haven’t seen my may dress:

click me!

If you’d like to learn more about my monthly dress series:

click me!

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