About ME?


SO I decided (because I was bored why else?) to make an ‘about me’ page that will probably be regularly updated. Keyword here is probably.


Favorite fast food restaurant? kfc

Favorite ice cream flavor? mint chocolate chip or coconut pineapple

Favorite chocolate candy? cookies and cream hershey’s

Favorite fruity candy? skittles

Favorite flavor Starburst? the pink one

Favorite dish at Olive Garden? the zuppa toscana soup

Favorite kind of sushi? sashimi (?)

Favorite Asian dish? I don’t know what it would be called in English so let’s go with miso soup

Favorite Italian dish? gnocchi

Favorite food of all time? SUSHI

Favorite way to cook a steak? I like my steak bloody-medium rare to rare

Favorite cookie? oatmeal raisin but a close second would be white chocolate macadamia

Favorite fast food french fries? McDonald’s

Favorite cereal? apple jacks

Favorite breakfast food? hash browns

Favorite pizza toppings? black olives and spinach

Favorite fruit? watermelon

Favorite vegetable? asparagus

Favorite dessert? black forest cake

Favorite comfort food? apple pie

Favorite way to eat bacon? with chili cheese fries

Favorite pumpkin-flavored treat? pie (? WHat else is there?)

Favorite dish at Thanksgiving? PIE

Favorite ice cream sundae toppings? Caramel

Favorite thing to cook? I can’t cook-oops?

Favorite soda? I don’t like the fizziness of soda

Favorite alcoholic drink? I am not legal yet

Favorite drink at Starbucks? Peach white tea infusion with lemonade and extra classic syrup

Favorite Harry Potter movie? Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

Favorite scary movie? Umm… no?

Favorite funny movie? Mall Cop

Favorite Pixar movie? It is now Incredibles 2

Favorite Marvel movie? Black Panther… for now

Favorite TV show? World of Dance, Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model

Favorite cancelled TV series? cancelled or finished? if finished then Charmed

Favorite show on the Discovery Channel? Um what?

Favorite music genre? R&B + POP

Favorite style of dance? um

Favorite state you’ve visited? Hawaii

Favorite country you want to visit? Not sure yet I’d like to go to Japan again though

Favorite thing about America? the malls

Favorite kind of vacation? the shopping kind

Favorite road to drive on? ones that aren’t bumpy?

Favorite way to travel? airplane

Favorite beach? Santa Monica

Favorite place to go with family? home… ?

Favorite vacation you’ve taken? Japan

Favorite fictional place you’d want to visit? HOGWARTS

Favorite ride at a carnival? Ferris Wheel

Favorite thing to do at the beach? take pictures

Favorite rollercoaster? Supreme Scream

Favorite theme park? California Adventure

Favorite thing about traveling? shopping

Favorite dinosaur? T-rex

Favorite breed of dog? german shepherds

Favorite season? fall

Favorite flower? daisies

Favorite animal at the zoo? elephants

Favorite type of bear? Uh teddy bears?

Favorite natural disaster? volcanoes

Favorite reptile? snakes

Favorite animal? hedgehogs

Favorite bird? hummingbirds

Favorite thing in the sky? rainbows

Favorite thing about a rainy day? puddle jumping

Favorite sea creature? sea horse

Favorite color rose? Yellow

Favorite thing about spring? More rain?

Favorite wild animal you’d like as a pet? tiger

Favorite sport? Um no

Favorite Olympic sport? To watch? Figure Skating

Favorite nursery rhyme? Ring Around the Rosie (wow that’s morbid)

Favorite childhood memory? My sister and I getting busted for cutting each others hair

Favorite board game? Monopoly (fun fact my parents bought my sisters and I many different versions of monopoly)

Favorite age? HUH? 6

Favorite Christmas present? Dunno

Favorite Dr. Seuss book? 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn? When I went as a scarecrow

Favorite lunchbox snack? Tangerines, Cuties whatever they’re called

Favorite Winnie the Pooh character? Christopher

Favorite thing to do during recess? help the teachers (I was such a teachers’ pet)

Favorite superhero? Wonderwoman

Favorite color Power Ranger? pink

Favorite fairy tale? The Grimm Brothers’ Rapunzel

Favorite game to play outside? Dunno

Favorite department store? Ew

Favorite place to shop? Online

Favorite store in the mall? Our mall sucks

Favorite perfume/cologne? too strong for me- I use mostly unscented products

Favorite hair color? Considering I used to have blue hair and then dyed it red-I would go with having dark brown with light brown highlights

Favorite makeup you can’t live without? Brow pencils and mascara

Favorite shoes? Pumps

Favorite occasion to dress up for? I dress up everyday-everyday is an occasion

Favorite place for a piercing? Ears?

Favorite piece of jewelry? Anklets

Favorite brand of toilet paper? Charmin

Favorite extracurricular activity? Sewing

Favorite day of the week? Wednesday

Favorite holiday? April Fools’

Favorite website? my blog of course

Favorite way to communicate? letters

Favorite baby boy name? Kai

Favorite baby girl name? Ellie, Adaline (like the movie)

Favorite thing to do when you’re sick? Sleep? What can you do?

Favorite thing you’ve done in the last 24 hours? finish up my photo wall

Favorite place to meet up with friends? food?

Favorite hobby? sleeping

Favorite way to cheer you up? shopping

Favorite thing to look forward to? shopping

Favorite crafty thing to make? jewelry

Favorite way to relax? sleep?

Favorite makeup product? brow pencil

-updated as of 10/21/2018-