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Hey guys!

[storytime] So on Monday, I was driving to get lunch and there was this highway patrol car in front of me and it was a red light so I stopped behind this car. The light was taking a while since there was a lot of traffic (it was lunchtime) and the patrol car ran the red light. Now, I know that there are exceptions to traffic laws for police and law enforcement when there’s an emergency; but, there was no visible reason-from what I could see- to run the light other than impatience. There was no one speeding because of the high traffic, no car crash, no fire, etc. So, it was a really mind-boggling experience.

Now, I don’t know if it was legal of the person to run that light. I don’t know traffic laws in regards to law enforcement but, it didn’t seem that legal to me. Does anyone know?

So that story was a precursor to the main topic of this post.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can withstand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

We all know that once given power, people change. Some become arrogant. Some make rash decisions. It’s in our nature. I am a huge bibliophile, I love books, I love stories. I love reading about people. An author is good when they are able to fully capture the vulnerability and rawness of being human. A lot of books I read are in the fantasy/mystery genres and its in those books where I’ve learned half of what I know about people. People who are given any kind of power often misuse it-that’s a fact (misuse is subjective I agree). But, the actions they take, are often not ‘good.’

Power corrupts, but how it corrupts is different for everybody. Someone who is in law enforcement-they are given power to make sure that the law is obeyed. This given power has them believing they are the law-and that’s corruption of their character. But this is a generalized example, obviously there are exceptions. Not everyone realizes their own power, and some who do-they realize the danger and their potential. Fame and influence is a power, some don’t realize the potential of that and those that do, they recognize the potential profit and future success that is possible or they choose to use that influence to help others. Any young person in this day and age will recognize the power of media and technology. It’s all about perspective-how you see the world.

(I had this whole post planned but it all went out of the window as soon as I started typing-I get lost in my own head sometimes.)


Hey guys! It’s the last day of my a-post-a-day challenge!

I don’t really have much to talk about really. At least, not that I can think of. So, I’ll talk about how my weekdays usually go.

-Monday & Wednesday & Friday-

[6:30] Wake up and check social media and do my daily “sweet nothings”-basically daily quotes

[7:00] Get ready for the day

[7:45] Check emails

[8:00] Do some reading

[10:00] Research for my blog + listen to music

[From 8:00-10:00] I might also be running errands and doing other random stuff-or even just getting Starbucks

[11:30] Eat lunch

[12:45] Go pick up my sister (the most time-consuming part of my day)

[1:40] Start prewriting posts for my blog or take a nap

[4:00] Wait obsessively by the front door waiting for the mailperson to come-because they changed the mailperson and they come at random times now

[4:30] Find something to do until mum comes home

[6:15] Eat dinner with family

[7:30] Laze around and catch up on shows if I have to

[9:30] If I procrastinated writing blog posts-which I usually do (doing now), I finish them up

[10:30] Bedtime

-Tuesdays & Thursdays-

[6:30] Wake up and check social media and do my daily “sweet nothings”-basically daily quotes

[7:00] Get ready for the day

[7:45] Check emails

[8:00] Do some reading

[10:00] Research for my blog + listen to music

[From 8:00-10:00] I might also be running errands and doing other random stuff-or even just getting Starbucks

[11:30] Eat lunch

[12:45] Go pick up my sister (the most time-consuming part of my day)

[1:40] Start prewriting posts for my blog or take a nap

[4:00] Drop my sister off at her volleyball practice

[4:30] Find something to do until mum comes home

[6:00] Pick sister up from volleyball practice

[6:15] Eat dinner with family

[7:30] Laze around and catch up on shows if I have to

[9:30] If I procrastinated writing blog posts-which I usually do (still doing), I finish them up

[10:30] Bedtime


It’s day 6 of my a-post-a-day challenge! One more day to go!

So, I wanted to shed some attention onto #therealcatwalk it was hosted yesterday in Trafalgar Square. I wanted to briefly mention this because I think this is a fantastic example of what it means to be proud of the body that you got-and it shows people taking more initiative in promoting body positivity. Actions speak louder than words after all.

Anyways, my topic of the day is why I prefer tea over coffee.

It’s a completely random topic and it goes to show that I am running out of ideas.

One of the major reasons I prefer tea over coffee is that there are many distinct different flavors and a majority of them can be made sweet.

It’s a commonly held belief that tea is actually better for your body than coffee is-and I am going to choose to accept this rather than research it only to find out I’m wrong.

In addition to that, I found that I operate better on tea (energy-wise) than when I drink coffee. Tea keeps me going longer, its like a slow acting rejuvenator without the crash whilst coffee is an immediate boost with drawbacks later (I discovered this when my hands became so shaky I could not write after the energy boost died down).

I used to drink coffee a lot. Like I could chug it straight black-which is gross by the way. But, I converted after so many years of going to drink places that only had specialty teas (my mum is a fan… correction my mum and my sisters are fans).

I can’t think of any other reasons at the moment but when I do, I’ll be sure to update this post.


Hey guys! It’s day 5 on my a-post-a-day challenge and I’ll be honest-I’m so tired of this already. TWO DAYS left!

So, topic of the day is MYTH vs. FACT- the modern teen edition!



“Teens are addicted to technology.”

When we talk about technology in such a broad sense, it can mean a number of different things. But most people imply use of the internet and the thing about that is most of the time, ‘being ‘online’ means that we’re all engaging with other people at a rapid pace. It isn’t that we’re addicted to staring at screens all day, its that we’re addicted to each other. That we can’t go for more than a couple hours without some kind of human interaction-even if it’s through a screen.

“Teens are being careless about personal info on the internet.”

Its funny because you realize that unless you personally know me outside of this blog, other readers might ‘know’ a lot about me-but they don’t know me. We’ve grown up in an age where social media is such an important part of our culture, it’s part of being informed on a much larger and faster scale. I think that we know the importance of not sharing specific things because we know how dangerous social media is-because we can see its potential, both good and bad. And, one way we do it is this, having multiple accounts for different outlets. I have an email for personal info and friends and another for school. I have an Instagram for this blog and one for my friends. Its this compartmentalization of our internet footprints that keeps us safe.

“Teenagers never want to talk to their parents about their problems.”

This is a common belief I feel is incomplete. I think that this misconception is rooted in the idea that different generations will think differently and are raised with different societal expectations. That maybe my problem is something that my parents wouldn’t ever be able to help with because they’ve never had that experience. I don’t think that teens don’t want to talk to their parents. I think they do but they’re afraid of being misunderstood.

“Teens are drunks, smokers, and become parents before 18.”

Sure, there are teens who do drugs and drink and have unprotected sex. There are always a couple. So, let’s first talk about teenage pregnancy, you’ll find that in the US, as of 2016, there were only 20.3 births for every 1000 teenage females from the ages 15-19. It is the lowest teen birth rate recorded in the US and it has been continuing to decline. Guess you could say that thanks to sex ed- kids are smarter these days, no?

Tobacco use by teens and young adults has declined substantially in the last 40 years. In 2017, only one in twenty-five high school seniors was a daily smoker and less than one in ten smoked within the last thirty days.

A lot times underage drinking is something that people assume happens quite often-usually social drinking. But in actuality from 2002 to 2015, rates of underage drinking decreased and have remained relatively stable since then.

But all these facts don’t really mean much until you realize that this generation compared to the previous one have done all these things, but this generation just had lower rates-meaning they did it less frequently than their parents did.

There are definitely many other myths about teens but these few cover the more common general ones.


Hey guys! it’s officially day 4 of my a-post-a-day challenge!

So, today’s topic is body image and my advice for loving your body no matter what.

Let’s paint a picture.

Imagine a Taiwanese and Vietnamese mix, 4’11 girl.

She has short hair a little past her shoulders and wears glasses too big for her baby face (but that’s how she likes it).

She’s got so-called ‘small bones,’ with a 23 ½ inch waist, 31 ½ inch hips, and 31 inch bust.

She’s got an arch in her foot because she wore heels at too young an age and that arch is not natural but she looks like she has dancers’ feet now.

She has no thigh gap, she’s got hip dips and belly rolls (just like everybody else) and jiggly upper arms.

I’ve always been told that I was short and much too skinny.

People would always ask me if I was anorexic or bulimic-but I swear I’m not.

My sister calls me fat all the time (not in a malicious way-she just means I have to get up from the couch and go exercise).

I’ve never felt uncomfortable with how I look because I’m confident in myself and that while appearances are important-its how I present myself to others that detract from how I look and put more emphasis on my personality.

I’ve been ‘skinny-shamed,’ and I’ve been called ‘vertically challenged,’ but I’ve never really cared because I’m content with the way I am. You know, its easy to overlook these comments if you’re truly confident in yourself. I make jokes about my height all the time-its easier to win hide and seek by the way.

You can learn to love yourself by: standing in front of a mirror and just say one positive thing about yourself every day; wear the right clothes, ones that make you feel ready to take on the world (I didn’t win best dressed senior by wearing sweats every day ya know); focus on being a good person to those around you-your friends can build up your confidence better than you can alone; there’s plenty of other ways other bloggers have discovered that I haven’t thought of.

The plus-size community is a pretty powerful group of people sharing self-love and image positivity. The reason that this group in particular is so successful, is because they have icons and activists who are confident in themselves and their identity and their fans share that confidence (because we all want to imitate our idols).

If you don’t feel comfortable with the way you are now-then change to be better. If you don’t love your rolls or your love handles, exercise and work for the body you want. It’s all about mindset, you have to believe that you can do it-because in the end if its something that you really want, then you just do it. You can complain and whine as much as you want-as long as you get the job done. There are a lot of people who wallow in self-pity because they’re not happy with the way they are-and what I say to them is this:

“Don’t hate on society for shaming you when you shame yourself. It’s a different story if you accept and love yourself just the way you are. But if you wish that you had the body of a model from that magazine you like, if you wish to look different from the way you are now-then you have to change your attitude. Work hard to obtain the changes you want-because there will always be body-shamers out there and it’s easy to blame them. Don’t take the easy way out.”

I’m not saying its easy. I’m not saying that it’ll be instant results. I’m not saying that you should change to conform to society’s expectations of beautiful (because that is always changing)-but if its your own personal goal-if the reason you want to change is to better yourself-then you have to work hard.