Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?

Does what you see, match what you wish to see?

Do you love yourself as much as those who love you do?

Why do we see our imperfections and flaws before the good things?

I will freely say that I have dealt with my fair share of insecurities and I know that pretty much everyone else has too. Not only physical insecurities but also insecurities about my personality and stuff like whether people would accept me for being me. But as I grew up, I realized that these “flaws” that I would always see, would always be with me for as long as I did nothing about it. As much as I worked out or wore makeup, I could never fit into my ideal of what was pretty. In my mind, my face was too fat, I didn’t have a good smile, I was too short. I have a belly most of the time.

And this was only my physical features too. My friends are beautiful and they’re smart as heck and they have goals that reach beyond whatever I could ever hope to achieve. Yet, I couldn’t help but compare, I’m not in sports, I have average grades, I have no idea what I want to do. BUT, the question is, then, what am I happy with about myself? How could I find a way to offset these “flaws”? So, I began with activities that I really love doing: designing and writing.

This blog is borne of my insecurities.

I exercise to achieve a better body.

I design clothing.

I live positively.

Yet, I still have to face these insecurities every single day. And, that’s okay.

My friends know I have insecurities and never confront me about it, and I appreciate them for that.

It’s hard to accept that there is going to be some things that just can’t be changed, and that’s the hardest part of self-love. But, I’m in high school and I have time to learn to accept it.

We live in an age where, how you look and what your reputation says about you is an important part of being successful. They say, “be the best you that you can be”-but sometimes that isn’t good enough.

I don’t write about these posts because I want pity, I write because I know others deal with similar issues and I want to share my experiences-simply because there is no shame in admitting weakness and vulnerability voluntarily. It means more when others believe it is a power they can hold over you. You let these vulnerabilities be talked about, and you’re set free.

You could say, “well, Celeste, that’s easy for you to say, you’re writing to strangers,” and I would say that you’re right. Maybe take up writing a blog or some other such thing, like Youtube :D.

Anyways, there is tons of people who promote self-love, but they don’t explicitly mention that it’s a personal journey for each and every one of us. Not everyone is willing to expose their insecurities, not everyone is shy about it, and no one ever talks about how lonely this road of self-discovery actually is. Only you can deal with it, sure your friends will offer support in whatever you think you have to do to better yourself, but they wouldn’t understand all the issues that you’ll go through. BE STRONG. BE BOLD. BE YOU.
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