I rather like naming the titles with one word in all caps-it makes it seem mysterious and serious.

Anyways, as you know-or maybe not, I don’t know-I’m a senior in high school and one of the biggest events of the year-that most little girls dream of- is coming up: P R O M. And we all see the pictures and the dresses and the glitz and the glamour, BUT there’s a lot of random, stupid things that happen, that most people don’t talk about and I am here to enlighten all of y’all. THE MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT PROM IS: the freaking planning of it all. Sure, the buying of the outfit is mildly stressful and maybe getting a date or choosing to go with friends is also mildly stressful, BUT no one talks about the annoyance that is planning, especially if you go with friends like I did.

  1. You have that one friend that wants to go to crazy places to take pictures.
  2. You have that other friend that just cares about how much everything costs (that’s good!).
  3. You have that one friend who is completely anal about doing realistic planning that is actually possible (this friend and the first clash quite a bit) (also me LOL).
  4. You have that friend that also just doesn’t care about the plans and will pretty much go along with whatever the group decides.
  5. And then there is the friend that, last minute decides that they can’t go.

So, you think, maybe I’m better off going with a date?

But then you have to do some of the same planning-as with friends and you’d only have to discuss with one other person, BUT there’s way more planning that has to be done on top of that:

  1. Color coordination
  2. The Boutonnieres and Corsages.
  3. Meeting the girl’s family (a MUST)
  4. Dancing (gotta plan some good dance moves)

There might be other things that gotta be planned but these are the bigger things.

But, I digress, the experience is worth it, after all, I am a firm believer in experiencing everything at least once, especially if an opportunity to do so is presented.

Now, that being said, I did the most embarrassing thing in the world (debatable LOL), I put my name down to be part of the prom court as a joke. Now, in the previous years, it was the teachers who would decide who was on the prom court, but of course, this year it all changed. DUH DUH DUUUHH. Anyways, suffice to say that I am not the most popular person in the world, like yeah, I’m nice to people and I don’t really have drama with people but I’m not well known-ya know? So, I didn’t get on court-and didn’t really expect to… so yeah.

But yeah, anyways, prom can be a real pain to plan, but in the moment, it all seems worth it.

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